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Resilience Management

Resilience is the capacity to maintain wellbeing and work performance under pressure and being able to bounce back from setbacks effectively. This ability derives from natural traits but can also be taught.


We assist organisations to understand their resilience through delivery of bespoke workshops and by seeking staff feedback on their levels of engagement; how effectively they deal with change; the strength of working relationships; how staff deal with challenges and set-backs etc.


The costs of absence due to stress, anxiety and related mental health difficulties can be particularly high and we seek to provide practical solutions to stress management and reduction along with enabling employees to respond positively to the pressures and demands of modern life and to help them identify opportunities to thrive.


We also focus on managers, supervisors and team leaders, emphasising a ‘best practice’ approach to management coupled with a clear understanding of stress and its causes and effects. It is the basis for good prevention and management of stress and also for building their personal resilience. It will show managers how, in practice, to manage stress and build resilience amongst their team members.

Typical outcomes include:

  • Improved awareness and identification of stress and its effect on individuals.
  • Understanding how to manage and prevent work related and other sources of stress.
  • How to bolster personal resilience and to thereby enhance performance and wellbeing.
  • How to develop a more adaptable approach to change and adverse situations.
  • How to build personal coping skills and reduce the risk of stress reactions.
  • How to identify stress levels amongst teams.
  • How to use Stress Risk Assessment Tools.
  • In practice how to manage employee stress and build resilient teams.
  • How to deal with difficult conversations and situations with staff.
  • How to develop a more adaptable and positive mental approach to change and adverse situations within teams.