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Cost of ill-health related absence and presenteeism to UK economy (Vitality, 2019)


Average Sick Days Per Employee (CIPD, 2020)


Average Employee takes 28wk to Reach 'Optimum Performance' Costing You (HR Review, 2014)

Well-being Initiatives

The key to developing a healthier and more productive workforce is through raising the profile of health and wellbeing amongst your employees.

Mental Well-being

Our people focused workshops and coaching provide the tools to promote mental health and well-being in your business and increase engagement and performance.

Financial Well-being

By helping your employees to understand their finances better through education, awareness and one to one sessions with specialist Finance Coaches


Institute of Leadership and Management certified coaching to support your leaders, and talent with 1:1 coaching projects as well as to support wellbeing and decision making and goal setting within your organisation.

Occupational Health

Our occupational health services will help keep your employees healthy and safe whilst in work and manage any risks in the workplace that are likely to give rise to work-related ill health.

Every £1 spent on health initiatives can save you £4 | CBI Survey

Here is how our Employee Well-being Initiative helped Doncaster Chamber  |  Before starting their Employee Well-being Initiative with us Doncaster Chamber lost 488 days due to staff absenteeism.


Absenteeism rate prior to their Health Initiative


Absenteeism rate following their Health Initiative


This equated to a saving of...


The Bespoke Health Initiative cost Doncaster Chamber...

In addition to this, employee satisfaction rates rose from 75% to 100%. Great Work on your Employee Well-being Initiative Doncaster Chamber! ✭✭✭✭✭

Employee Wellbeing Initiative

% of ASK4 Staff believe that they would benefit from further Well-being support


% of ASK4 Staff reduced their risk of Heart Disease


% of ASK4 Staff believe that they feel Happier when they are Healthier

Employee Wellbeing Initiative

% of F4L staff improved their Lung Function


% of F4L staff improved their Blood Pressure


% of F4L staff reduced their risk of Heart Disease

Employee Wellbeing Initiative

% of Specsavers staff reduced their risk of Heart Disease


% of Specsavers staff improved their Good Cholesterol


% of Specsavers staff Quit Smoking


The benefits to investing in the wellbeing of your workforce are numerous. Here are just a few… 

  • Increase employee engagement through improved commitment and loyalty.
  • Reduce employee turnover.
  • Improve workforce productivity through increased concentration.
  • Improve brand and meet criteria for awards (such as times top 100).
  • Demonstrate sustainable business practises.
  • Reduce potential expenses such as healthcare costs.
  • Improve workforce morale.
  • Attract the best talent through employee incentives.
  • Reduce absenteeism levels (saving direct costs for temps and training; and indirect costs for management time, reallocation of work, potential loss of clients and business).
  • Reduce presenteeism levels (estimated 1.5 times more expensive than absenteeism, through sub-performance, mistakes and accidents).


Have you ever wondered about the benefits of corporate health initiatives but never had the opportunity to try it?

 Annurca are offering HR managers across the nation the opportunity for a no cost, no obligation health assessment incorporating some of our new health screening processes, meaning you can experience the benefits first hand. If this is something that is of interest to your organisation and you would like some further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email at