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Annurca on Radio4 Food Club

Wellbeing Programme | Healthy Schools Programme

Annurca are carrying out a Wellbeing Programme as part of their healthy schools programme with a school to assess children’s blood sugar levels to identify trends for justification of a breakfast club for year 7 and 8 students

Annurca are working together with a Secondary School to develop a long term Wellbeing Programme which assesses the diets and blood sugar levels of year 7 & 8 pupils prior to setting up a breakfast club. The aforementioned school identified that pupils who receive free school dinners were often not performing up to expectations academically and exhibited lethargy at school. Further investigation outlined that most free school meal pupils were in worst cases only getting one meal a day. This project aims to provide pupils with poor diets and low blood sugar levels the chance to improve their personal health which in turn will have a positive effect on attendance,  concentration, behaviour and grades. Results are determined by comparing pre and post intervention blood samples with pre and post intervention academic and attendance measures. The breakfast club intervention gives pupils access to a free (government funded) breakfast to boost calorific intake and positively affect blood sugar levels. A local University has shown interest in taking data from this study and formulating a research project.

Due to this being such a unique Wellbeing Programme in the UK we are proud to announce that radio4 food club will be interviewing members of the school and Annurca team. If you would like to hear more about this you can listen to it here


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