Annurca | Wellbeing Blog: Britain’s Healthiest Workplaces for 2017
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Wellbeing Blog: Britain’s Healthiest Workplaces for 2017

Annurca Employee Wellbeing Blog | Britain’s Healthiest Workplaces for 2017

Employee Wellbeing at its finest! Adidas, Forster Communications, and Nomura International have been named Britain’s Healthiest Workplaces for 2017.

Nomura International took the glory in the large workplace employee wellbeing category, including organisations with 1,000+ employees. Adidas took the award in the medium workplace employee wellbeing category, including organisations with 250 – 999 employees. Forster Communications won the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Award, small employer.

Neville Koopowitz, CEO at Vitality, stated: “It is time for corporate Britain to elevate the discussion around employee health onto the board agenda, and to place the health of its employees, an organisation’s greatest asset, on its risk register.”

Key findings from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2016 report include:

A clear north-south employee wellbeing divide: Yorkshire and the Humber has the highest workplace stress levels, while the North East reports the largest proportion of obese employees.

Public sector wellbeing has the biggest percentage of employees suffering signs of stress, depression and financial worries. It also has the highest estimated loss of productivity from absences and presenteeism.

Participation increases when employers allow staff to take part in health promotion programmes during working hours. Organisations whose senior management invest in workplace health and measure the returns see better results.

Employee Wellbeing


So what? How does this aid business performance

Investing in the Wellbeing of your workforce can offer major positive effects on company culture, health and profitability. Your staff are your most important asset. Look after them and they will look after you.

Benefits such as increased morale, a more productive workforce, reduction in absenteeism, retention of staff or achieving accreditation/awards have all been experienced by our clients. Would you like to see what options are available to you?

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