Annurca | Sheffield Wellbeing: Chamber Staff get fit for Business
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sheffield wellbeing

Sheffield Wellbeing: Chamber Staff get fit for Business

Sheffield Wellbeing: Chamber Staff get fit for Business


Sheffield Chamber staff took the first steps towards becoming a healthier, more productive workforce by sampling a Workplace Wellbeing Initiative.

Annurca recently joined as a Sheffield Chamber Member after being recommended by a client of theirs.

They are have already purchased some Data to help with their research projects and marketing plan and they are hoping to attend more Networking events moving forward to develop long term relationships and to start working with more companies across the Sheffield City Region

Luke Batty, Business Development Manager added:

“We saw the Sheffield Chamber as a good opportunity to build our presence within the Sheffield City region. Having that warmer introduction from people such as Julie will really benefit us when building our local network. The staff at the chamber have been very welcoming and hopefully we can use the tool at our disposal to reap the rewards of a SCCI membership”

Annurca is a company whose primary aim is to help individuals have a healthy lifestyle through workplace initiatives. It is not necessarily about joining a gym or taking up hill walking. In many cases small simple things can create change. By comprehensively assessing an individual Annurca can identify the areas where improvements can be made with emphasis is on straightforward practical solutions, taking small steps at a time.

Julie Hardwick, Sheffield Chamber Business Services Manager added;

‘’The assessment was easy and enjoyable. It actually made me think of how small changes can make your overall health & fitness better. James was really informative and knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. I have already made a few changes and am looking forward to feeling a bit better soon. I would recommend anyone to take part and get in touch with them’’

All health initiatives are 100% bespoke to the organisations needs and requests vary from one off health assessments, to all-encompassing Wellbeing Initiatives.

In the last year alone Annurca Health & wellbeing have carried out over 2,000 assessments and helped companies such as blue chip companies, SME’s, councils, schools and colleges.

If you want to hear more about Annurca’s services contact Luke Batty, 01909 509014 – for a free info pack , free how to create an effective wellbeing initiative guide and a free health assessment voucher for HR managers

Sheffield Wellbeing #MakeThatChange

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