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Wellbeing – Create a Culture

When talking to organisations one of the most common things we hear is “we’re having a wellbeing day / week, could you provide…”

We’re always left in two minds hearing this sort of statement regarding wellbeing.

On one hand, we’re thinking it’s great to hear that there is some thought going into looking after employees. I must stress this doesn’t even cross the minds of many organisations!Employee Wellbeing

But on the other hand, it should be more than just a one off event. The most successful wellbeing support is all about creating a culture within the organisation. By creating a positive culture around wellbeing it means that positive messages stay in the forefront of people’s minds. This helps to have a greater impact in the long term helping employees achieve sustainable long term health improvements. Achieving sustainable health improvements in turn help the organisation in achieving KPI’s.

When this is discussed further with organisations there can often be blockers put up such as, “we don’t have the budget to do that!”. However this doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive practice. Admittedly a little investment can go a long way to making it a success but there are many ideas which can be implemented completely FOC.

Just a few of these are listed below:

  • Designated wellbeing champions within the business
  • Walking / running clubs
  • Regular emails with wellbeing messages
  • Designated wellbeing boards around the building with wellbeing messages, recipes etc
  • Walking meetings
  • Flexible working hours

By introducing services into the calendar as part of the wellbeing culture it prevents people from seeing it as a one off event and therefore treating it as such.

However, having said all this I am not being dismissive of the idea of wellbeing days / weeks as it is important to start somewhere. Sometimes a wellbeing day / week can be the catalyst to creating the culture change within the business, just don’t let it stop there.

If you want any advice or help on how you can start to create a positive culture around wellbeing then please contact us.

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