Annurca | Emails are to be read at work, Not in bed…
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Emails are to be read at work, Not in bed…



With the progressions in modern technology checking your emails on the go is as easy as pie. Here are 4 reasons why we at Annurca believe checking your emails during your downtime is a bad idea:

You begin to hate your job

You have worked hard all day, had a torrid time in the M1 traffic on the way home and finally you are home. It is now time to relax, not check whats going on in your inbox. This will only lead to resenting that inbox and therefore your work. The emails can wait until tomorrow morning.

You log extra hours without compensation

Does exactly what it says on the tin. You wont be getting paid for it!

It gets you down

Life is hard enough, even when you are firing on all cylinders.A new study in PNAS states that the back-light glow from your device’s screen prior to sleep disrupts your circadian clock and decreases melatonin production. This makes it far more difficult to drift off. A lack of sleep can make you very cranky.

You cant switch off

All that you will be thinking about is the office! You will be having nightmares about being chased down the street by a giant, super-mutant version of the Microsoft paperclip. Sure its not worth it.

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