Annurca | Employee Health – Why prevention is better than cure…
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Employee Health – Why prevention is better than cure…

There’s more to looking after your workforce than paying them well – today’s businesses must now think carefully about their employees’ health and wellbeing. This can therefore result in improved productivity, morale and overall health. Delving back to 2013, the UK labour market lost 131 million days due to sickness absence, which equates to 4.4 days per worker. These are concerning figures, however a mountain we’re determined to climb and to contribute towards the reduction of sickness absence in the UK. According to a 2013 study by PwC, the annual cost of sickness absence for UK organisations was £29bn, a rise of £1bn on 2011. These numbers may continue to rise if the employers do not decide to adopt a wellbeing programme for their workforce.

Sickness absence may be falling overall, however increasingly sedentary office lifestyles appear to be the Achilles heel with nearly a quarter (24%) of those days stated above were lost due to musculoskeletal conditions such as back and neck problems. The same study also found that stress, anxiety and depression accounted for 12% of the absenteeism. These conditions can often be caused by a lack of work/home life balance.

Sickness absence isn’t just about employees having time off ill, it can be for multiple reasons. They could have hospital appointments, tests and treatments scheduled regularly, this could also include appointments for stress, anxiety etc. Businesses across the country could lose a significant amount funds if this issue isn’t addressed, hence why preventing the problem is better than the cure. This is where Annurca step into the frame. Comprehensive health assessments, consultations, followed by a detailed wellbeing programme to begin the prevention, leading to increased morale and productivity within your employees.

Commenting on the research in his blog, Jon Andrews, human resources consulting leader at PwC predicts: “Forward-looking companies will invest in health and wellbeing services to tackle the issue before absence starts to hit their bottom lines.” This view is backed by the Government’s Health, Work and Wellbeing and Fit for Work initiatives. These were put in place partly to encourage employers to improve general health within their companies.

Simply, prevention is better than cure. Employers should be adopting this mentality if they want to cut down on sickness and reduce absenteeism in the workplace and maintain a healthy workforce. Annurca can help implement the necessary wellbeing programme, tailored to your employee’s requirements. Various health initiatives can be put in place, stop smoking schemes, delivering healthier meals in the canteen can go some way to creating a healthier business. But Annurca believe a health screening can provide you with the tools it needs to more effectively maintain and improve the general health of your workforce. Not only improve the company’s health, but boost morale and productivity to create a more efficient business.

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