Annurca | Weight loss: Why to avoid fad diets
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Weight loss: Why to avoid fad diets

Weight loss: Why to avoid fad diets

77% of candidates assessed by Annurca have been found to have higher than ideal body fat percentages. Often people respond to this news by start a new diet. It is human nature to want results fast. However, when it comes to dieting the plans that offer the fastest results are often those that also offer the most negatives health effects.

Popular diets such as the Atkins and the Hollywood diet are known as fad diets. A fad diet is a weight loss plan that assures dramatic results. These diets usually do not result in long-term weight loss and they frequently do not have a very healthy effect on your body. In actual fact, some of these diets can be very dangerous to your health and wellbeing and not sustainable in the long term.


How do I recognise a fad diet?


  • A fad diet often claims to help you lose wait instantly. Remember, it took time for you to gain the weight in the first place, it will take you time too loose it.
  • They often base their claims on before and after photos.
  • Their conclusions are often over simplified. They don’t take complex medical research seriously enough.
  • Promise that you can lose weight without giving up the food you love or exercising on a regular basis.


What are the negatives associated with Fad Diets?


The main issue associated with a fad diet is that along with the significant weight loss there is also an equally significant loss of muscle tissue. This results in the drop of your metabolic rate. It is your metabolic rate that determines how many calories you can consume within a day which means that when you return to your normal eating habits the weight that you have initially lost piles back on at a rate of knots. This is why individuals go from one fad diet to another without any long term success.


The only way to prevent continued weight gain, without any negative effects on your wellness, is through sensible eating and effective exercise. This is a message that we strongly believe in at Annurca. A key success story of ours can be found when looking at the positive results gained by a director of a nationwide broadband provider:


Instead of jumping straight on the fad diet bandwagon this individual listen to the advice of his designated health consultant and reaped the longer term rewards and health benefits. If you or your workforce would like to get involved with one of Annurca’s health initiatives then contact us through our website contact form for a no obligation call back regarding the options available. All packages can be bespoke to meet any clients needs.




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