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A Healthy Lifestyle can help Prevent Cancer

A Healthy Lifestyle can help Prevent Cancer

Cancer, our greatest enemy. The horrible disease that is cancer, several people and families across the country has to suffer with, and as blunt as it sounds, cancer kills! It’s still a worrying prospect for any of us to develop this disease, coming in all forms of shapes and sizes, affecting all of us differently and attacking different areas of the body. As depressing as it is, there is still no cure, and research facilities are working tirelessly day and night to find the answer, however to no avail. Hopefully this will change in the near future! That’s why every penny contributed to these projects is vitally important to fund the research to find the answer. Personally, as a health consultant here at Annurca, recently I have had to deal with a very close family member’s death due to cancer, and it frustrates me that during their final few months, I couldn’t do anything to help medically in any way. Letting the cancer take its toll and take the life of a loved one. This then made me think, here at Annurca, we implement healthier lifestyles with the intention to help reduce the risk of cancer, so why would I not try my best to help people lead healthier lifestyles to help prevent our nemesis which is cancer. I would take great satisfaction, especially after my own personal experience, playing a minor role to potentially prevent a human being developing some form of cancer.

After doing some research into the calendar of events for health in 2015, this month was particularly significant to base this week’s blog upon. March 2015 represents the month of prostate and ovarian cancer awareness, and no matter what type of cancer it is, cancer is still cancer, regardless of where it affects us. Therefore it is very important to us all here at Annurca, and to me in particularly after recent events, that we not only raise awareness and funds for these research projects, but try our best to implement and instill healthier lifestyles within individuals to reduce the risk of cancer all together! If we continue living poor lifestyles, cancer cases in Britain will soar by 30% in the next 20 years! This will happen unless we make those simple lifestyle changes. This equals up to around 400,000 new cases of cancer each year by 2030, if these unhealthy habits go unchecked. These factors can easily be helped, such as smoking, alcohol, obesity, lack of fruit and vegetables, and so on. Annurca have the appropriate well-being programmes, advice and guidance to solve any of these issues. Ultimately, we want to do this for every individual we see and help as many people as possible, as nobody wants to see anyone suffering with cancer.

On a lighter note though! As you’d probably guess, people are now twice as likely to survive cancer as they were 40 years ago. This comes as no surprise to us here at Annurca! With the advanced technology, drugs and various other treatment methods which have progressed over the years, we can take comfort in knowing people can feel a lot more comfortable when dealing with this horrible illness, and even live longer than anticipated in the worst case scenario. There are over two million people living with cancer in the UK, and that number is going to continue to rise over the next 20 years. Yet nobody thinks the country can afford to double spending on cancer. However, and that’s a big however, apparently The Department of Health are currently investing more than £750 million to make sure people are diagnosed with cancer earlier and have better access to the latest treatments, another comforting thought.

Below, I’ve listed the 14 risk factors of cancer:

  • Tobacco
  • Lack of fruit and vegetables
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Alcohol
  • Lack of exercise
  • Red and processed meat
  • Lack of dietary fibre
  • Too much salt
  • Excessive sun exposure and sunbeds
  • Occupation
  • Infections
  • Radiation
  • Lack of breast feeding
  • Hormones

Each point are equally as influential, and we want to do our best at Annurca to help you reduce risk of developing cancer and help achieve your goals by living a healthier lifestyle!

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