Annurca | Measuring Wellbeing at Work – “What you can measure, you can improve!”
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Measuring Wellbeing at Work – “What you can measure, you can improve!”

Measuring Wellbeing at Work

With health & wellbeing now being one of the top five boardroom issues, it’s important to measure the effectiveness and impact of your wellbeing programme, not just simply implementing the initiative. As a business, you gain more value from regular health assessments. Annurca frequently revisit their clients and dependant on what the client has requested, either a 6 or 12 month period is advised so we can identify where improvements have been made and what areas we need to work on. In the past, wellbeing initiatives have been regarded as just ‘perks’ for employees, but the health and wellbeing of an organisation’s employees is of paramount importance for future success and growth.

Employee health is fast becoming a ‘factor of production’ with the government and economists arguing that health & wellbeing needs to be taken as seriously as research & development, marketing & advertising and technology. The business benefits of a healthy workforce mean reduced sickness and higher productivity. Wellbeing initiatives are now a fundamental part of any organisation looking to take a proactive approach to health & wellbeing and are now commonplace within Employers of Choice.

There are lots of opportunities to measure your wellbeing including overall (and individual) health levels, which is demonstrated within individual and company profiles after each visit, organisational performance, programme cost or return on investment. The most accurate method of measuring improvements is to use employee health screening data that can be segmented by location/department but also in year one, sets baseline data to compare future health levels. This information (particularly combined with sickness absence data) is an effective way of gauging improvements and identifying hotspots and trends so that we can target specific issues. Remember what you can measure you can improve – and if employees are more healthy, it’s very likely that you will simultaneously enhance the performance of your organisation.



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