Annurca | Assured Fire and Security’s Impressive Results
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Assured Fire and Security’s Impressive Results

Assured Fire and Security brought in Annurca to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees in order to make them a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.


Assured Fire and Security are a fire safety and home security company based in Dinnington. The company works nationwide and currently has 40+ employees.


Annurca originally gave full comprehensive health assessments to AFS, set in place bespoke action plans and have a bi-annual re-assessment programme. To date great things have been achieved and the statistics speak for themselves:

In addition to the positive results on the employees health Assured Fire and Security also gained many benefits as a company:


  • The organisation provides a valued service to its employees
  • The employer gets a powerful insight into the health of the business
  • Enhancement of company image as a progressive, caring employer
  • All employees, able to; obtain a greater insight into their own health, identify and reduce potential risk factors and change their behaviour appropriately with the help of expert guidance.


Its fair to say the relationship between Assured Fire and Security and Annurca has been a successful and prosperous one.