Annurca | Community Action Derby Testimonials
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Community Action Derby Testimonials

“I was approached by Annurca to consider health assessments for our staff team as part of an overall health benefit system we had introduced. It seemed an ideal opportunity to encourage employees to take a proactive view to their health, and be guided as to the various ways to address any problems they were experiencing.


We are a small organisation (30 staff) so funding is always a challenge, and any absence from work has a significant impact on our work and other colleagues too. We have had three assessments now over the past 18 months, and a healthier way of living is starting to emerge. Not all our employees participate, it’s very much a voluntary experience but is also been made available to family members and partners.


I have seen a dramatic difference in our staff who have had the assessments, not only has it informed them about their state of health but has also shown them how they can make positive changes with small adjustments to their diet, exercise pattern and outlook. I would encourage any employer to consider using this scheme; it can be difficult to know what to do to alert staff to taking action to improve their wellbeing, and I believe that with Annurca, and our staff, we have a 3-way approach that makes a real difference.”

Rachel Hayward, MD, Community Action Derby (formerly Derby CVS), Derby


“I was not expecting my first health assessment to be such an eye opener in terms of my health. I had never consciously stopped exercising and thought I was quite active and that I had a reasonable diet. Well I was quite wrong. My cholesterol was very high and I was heavier than I had realised, I’d even managed to lose an inch in height and had suffered from a bad lower back and had neck pain for years.


The assessment spurred me into action, three assessments and just over a year on from that initial shock, I am now in great shape, I have have normal cholesterol, I am my ideal weight and have regained my inch. I was so pleased to be told by the assessors that for me now, it’s just maintenance!


I will never go back, the knock on affect has been astounding, I feel so much better, my partner and family have also taken to exercise and have a much better diet and they are much healthier too.


I cannot recommend this initiative more highly and I can quite honestly say that I haven’t felt this good in years.”

Kim Harper, Chief Executive, Community Action Derby, Derby