Annurca | Doncaster Chamber Reap the Rewards of a Wellbeing Initiative
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Doncaster Chamber Reap the Rewards of a Wellbeing Initiative

Doncaster Chamber of Commerce began an ongoing Wellbeing initiative with Annurca which resulted in them being nominated for the Orange National Award for `Wellbeing in the Workplace` and `Employer of the Year`.


The nominations were whittled down to a final 5 organisations which Doncaster Chamber of Commerce are included in.


Results gained from the initiative were:

  • 82% employees made lifestyle changes following their assessment.
  • 82% of employees now drink healthy alternatives to tea/coffee, ie, green tea, herbal tea, juice, water
  • 48% of employees now try and walk during their lunch break
  • 62% of employees now use stairs instead of the lift
  • 85% of employees said they were willing to take part in activity-based team building events
  • 7 employees smoked, of which 3 gained assistance to stop
  • 52% of employees would consider joining a gym if reduced corporate rates with local gyms could be agreed
  • 60% of staff are interested in alternative therapies, ie, reflexology
  • Before the health initiative began, Doncaster Chamber lost 488 days due to staff absenteeism, costing the company £50,000. This is an absenteeism rate of 8%. The aim was to reduce this to just 2.5%.


The outcome of this initiative was a reduction in staff absenteeism resulting in a saving of £30,000.


In addition to this, employee satisfaction rates rose from 75% to 100%


Doncaster Chamber of Commerce left the awards with the `Employer of the Year` Award!

Congratulations Doncaster Chamber!


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