Annurca | Turn a Companies health around in 6 months
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Turn a Companies health around in 6 months

Barlows are a nationwide principal contractor who specialise in the project management of the whole contracting process. The Barlow group has just been given a contract for the build and re-fits of McDonalds at the Olympic village.


Annurca originally saw The Barlow Group with a number of individuals suffering from their current working circumstances. Due to the nature of their work a large number of employees were working away for long periods of time living off expense accounts in hotels.


Their employee`s health was being affected due to lack of exercise and poor diets as they were unaware of what they were putting in their mouth. Annurca carried out a programme of health assessments and educational workshops to help Barlows achieve their goal of a healthier workforce. Employees were encouraged to make small simple lifestyle changes which impact on both short and long term health.


6 months later individuals were re-assessed and the results were staggering.

  • 27% of individuals increased their exercise
  • 56% of smokers quit
  • 12% reduced alcohol consumption
  • 60% of employees lost weight. The total weight loss was 67.5kg / 10st. 8lb. The most weight lost by one individual was 12.5kg / 1st. 13lb.
  • 52% reduced their waist circumference
  • 90% improved their blood pressure
  • 60% reduced their resting heart rate
  • 83% improved their lung function
  • 100% reduced their Total Cholesterol (TC)
  • 29% increased their High Density Lipoproteins (HDL`s)
  • 57% reduced their TC : HDL Ratios
  • 74% improved their Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk