Annurca | Rainbows: 6 years of Success
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Rainbows: 6 years of Success

Thursday, 6th June 2013

Annurca and Rainbows have reason to celebrate after another successful health initiative after their 6th year working with us.

The health of Rainbows Children’s Hospice employees has improved again. We have carried our successful relationship into its 6th year and things are going well. The staff at Rainbows have never failed to impress us with their attitude towards health and this reflects in their results.

  • 24% Reduced alcohol consumption
  •  65% Increased Exercise levels
  •  59% Lost weight
  •  40kg combined weight loss
  •  53cm lost in waist measurements
  •  59% reduced waist to hip ratio
  •  65% reduced blood pressure
  •  53% reduced resting heart rate
  •  24% increased flexibility
  •  53% improved lung function
  •  29% Improved hand grip
  •  53% improved cholesterol

Well done Rainbows, keep up the good work!

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