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Teamwork & Development Workshops

What is Coaching?

Our Coaching Options:

1:1 Leadership / Executive Coaching:

Institute of Leadership and Management certified coaching to support your leaders, and talent with 1:1 coaching projects.

Do any of these leadership problems resonate with your organisation?

  • There’s a reluctance to take the lead and take responsibility
  • New leaders struggle to fit in and make an impact
  • You see undesirable habits passed on, bringing in new habits and mindsets is a challenge
  • Talent succession is needed but feels difficult internally
  • The comfort zone and procrastination makes decision making and communication slow and too safe

Supporting and challenging your talent and leaders through coaching could give you the progression you need.

Leadership coaching would typically involve:

    • Initial meeting with client, coach and sponsor BEFORE go ahead
    • 6-12 1 hr sessions with client and coach in person or virtually
    • Mid way review with client, coach and sponsor
    • Final review and feedback


Team / Group Coaching:

Certified coach and facilitator to support wellbeing and decision making and goal setting within your organisation.

Collaboration, communication and engagement are key complaints from UK employees contributing to retention challenges for employers.  Introducing a coaching culture into your organisation can not only improve engagement (from 13% to up to 62%), it can also boost your revenue* through greater productivity, decision marking and teamwork.

*51% of organisations with strong coaching cultures report a higher revenue than similar companies (Human Capital Institute)

Group coaching could be organised as a one off session for a specific theme or as a project of sessions for example to support new or emerging leaders.