Annurca | So how does it benefit you… the employee?
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So how does it benefit you… the employee?

Health and wellbeing benefits can be part of a long-term strategy to improve the productivity, engagement and health care of staff. The wellness and wellbeing perk has become an important part of company healthcare and sickness absence strategies. Services offered usually involve fitness strategies, healthy eating advice and various other types of guidance dependant on the results of the initial health assessment. So based on the brief overview above, we know how the employer would benefit from a happy and healthier workforce, so how does a health and wellbeing initiative actually benefit you… the employee?

Employees who believe their employer cares about their wellbeing have been proven to be more engaged at work than the average worker. Wellbeing strategies range from encouraging healthy eating and fitness among the workforce to formalised occupational health services, such as health screening, in the workplace. This is seen as a great advantage for the employer, however we are assessing how it can additionally help and benefit the employee. If the employer is looking after the health and wellbeing of their employees, personally, I would see that as a real caring touch, making me feel valued within the business.

We all want to improve our health, whether that’s increased muscle tissue, to lose body fat around the middle, to stop smoking, or to get a healthier, stronger heart, each of these examples can be a long term goal. With the Annurca health and wellbeing programmes, employees could possibly benefit from not only an increase in general health, prompting the increased productivity and lower absenteeism presented above, but psychological improvements, such as increased morale, higher self-esteem, happier within themselves, resulting in a more proactive and engaged workforce. If carried out and followed correctly, under our guidance, your employees could achieve any realistic goals or targets they may have! We will certainly try our best, as we want to help you #MakeThatChange!

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