Annurca | Workplace Wellbeing: Annurca’s Super 16 Tips
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Workplace Wellbeing: Annurca’s Super 16 Tips

Workplace Wellbeing: Annurca’s Super 16 Tips

Workplace wellbeing programmes are a set of initiatives set out with the aim of creating a healthier workforce. They are based on the principle that healthier and happier employees will be more dedicated and productive, which will benefit the organisations greatly in terms of performance, not least due to reductions in costs associated with absenteeism and subsequent lost productivity.

Developing a workplace wellbeing programme will benefit employees in the following way; healthier, increased motivation and will feel more valued by the organisations they work for. For the employers, this will benefit through lower rates of absenteeism, higher productivity levels and increased staff retention.

A whole host of initiatives can be included in a workplace wellbeing programme which is specific to the individual. On the other hand, as you can see below, we have compiled our super 16 important tips to help improve general health within the workplace.

  1. Introduce the concept of ‘walking’ meetings instead of sitting down at a desk.
  2. Various desk exercises and simple stretches.
  3. Use the stairs rather than the lift.
  4. Use a printer that is further away.
  5. Walk over to talk to a colleague rather than calling or sending an email.
  6. Use regular breaks in the day for stretching or walking around the office.
  7. Encourage regular health check-ups.
  8. Set up a lunch-time keep-fit, pilates or yoga class.
  9. Offer the services of visiting physiotherapists, chiropractors, masseurs, etc.
  10. Park further away from work or get off the bus a stop earlier.
  11. Stand or walk while on the phone.
  12. Encourage staff to bring in fresh fruit as a snack one day a week.
  13. Organise sport-related charity events (e.g. a fun run) which would encourage team-building and help staff keep fit.
  14. Provide herbal tea or water fountains as an alternative to fizzy drinks.
  15. Encouraging people to bring water bottles to work. Drinking more water increases general hydration levels.
  16. Offer shower and changing room facilities for cyclists.


A great way to monitor your health is through pre and post health assessments and questionnaires. Through doing this, it allows for a tailored wellbeing programme to be created which specifically suits the needs of your organisation. This ensures maximum benefits are gained from the initiative.

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