Annurca | #WalkThisMay : National Walking Month
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#WalkThisMay : National Walking Month

This May is national walking month #WalkThisMay. The 11th – 15th May is walk to work week and the 18th – 22nd May is walk to school week. It is recommended that an adult should complete 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. It is believed that the average walking speed for an adult is 3 miles per hour. 150 minutes of walking at 3 miles per hour equates to walking 7.5 miles per week. Do you feel up to the challenge?

There are many benefits that can be gained from walking to work rather than getting in the car. For example:

  1. You’re cool, calm and collected

Once you’ve figured out the duration of your route to the office you can pretty much rely on the journey taking the same time each day. No more worrying that unpredictable city traffic will slow you down.

  1. You’ve woken up

You’re ready and raring for a productive day at work! No more rolling out of bed straight into the car and wiping the sleep out of your eyes. You’re fresh faced and ready for action.

  1. You’re connected

Admittedly there have been many disastrous scenarios in the past when people attempt to walk and browse the web and ultimately end up with a face full of lamppost but this is a rarity. Checking news headlines and possibly the latest sports news on the way to work can be a great way to start the day. Also, this can give you some interesting talking points when on a brew break.

  1. You’ve achieved

You have that great feeling of achievement! You are up and active before 9 o’clock, you have taken the day by the horns!

Why not work out how long it would take you to walk all or part of your route to work, and tomorrow morning give it a try?

For more info on national walking month:

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